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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let Go (Feat. Rea Garvey) - Paul Van Dyk

Paul Van Dyk's hot second single Let Go features U2-esque vocals by Rea Garvey. It really is another beautiful song, in the same league as Seal's Amazing but a bit rockier. TV Rock kills it again with another amazing mix, however my favorites have to be the Alex Kunnari remix (which gets SICK at about 5 minutes) and the Vandit club mix which features a sexy digitized sound, full of clicks and beeps. The Pvd mix is a fast club-headbanger that I also recommend, plus it also comes with a snazzy instrumental so how can you go wrong?

Let Go (Radio Edit) (Feat. Rea Garvey) / DOWNLOAD
Let Go (TV Rock Remix) / DOWNLOAD
Let Go (Alex Kunnari Remix) / DOWNLOAD
Let Go (Pvd Club Mix) / DOWNLOAD
Let Go (Pvd Club Mix Instrumental) / DOWNLOAD
Let Go (Vandit Club Mix) / DOWNLOAD

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