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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dragostea Din Tei in Hebrew

I am obsessed with this video. According to Wikipedia, this video was done by some well known Israeli celebrities. Even though I've been taking Hebrew in school, I have no idea what they are saying, but the video is soooo entertaining. Like geeeze. Watch :P

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Santa's lil' Helper said...

OMG I'm shocked I didn't see this before...I'm an Israeli so I can approve this video features some of Israel's top celebrities(for teens and more) and it was made for the annual "Festigal" kids show, that takes place every year during the Hanukkah holiday and is a supposedly singing contest between those celebrities who appeared in the clip.It was actually sort of a parody on one of the participants in the show called Maya Buskila. (That's why at the beginning she's the black haired woman singing "Maya he, Maya hu, Maya dai kvar". She had been appeared too much in the media at the time in conjunction with the fact that the original song had been overplayed got her the line "Maya dai kvar" which means- I'm sick of Maya/ stop it Maya)

At that time (end of 2004 as I recall) the Dragostea Din Tei song had been overplayed throughout all the radio stations in Israel and was selected worst song of the year in Tel Aviv's radio station annual chart.

How come u went to Hebrew school? :) I'm starting to learn more things about u through ur blog..

Keep up the good work.