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Friday, October 12, 2007

Overpowered - Roisin Murphy

Here's a playlist of Roisin Murphy's upcoming album Overpowered. I don't want to help it leak all over the place (if it hasn't already) so I wont post the whole cd for download. If you really want it, just goo-goo-google it and be done. But yea :) My favorite songs have to be You Know Me Better, Checkin' On Me, Movie Star, Dear Miami, Cry Baby and of course her 2 stunning singles. Actually the whole album is damn good, and I'm excited to pick it up when it goes on sale this month.

Since I know you all want something to bring back home with you, check out the remixes of Let Me Know that I posted at the bottom, if you havn't already. Enjoy :)

Let Me Know (Radio Edit) / DOWNLOAD
Let Me Know (Andy Cato Vedra Mix) / DOWNLOAD
Let Me Know (Joey Negro Destination Remix) / DOWNLOAD
Let Me Know (Joey Negro Original Remix) / DOWNLOAD

1 comment:

Remi said...

Roisin Murphy rules ! I can't wait to see her live here in Strasbourg, France, on November 14 ! Many thanks for the remixes. Remi