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Saturday, September 15, 2007

TSR Exclusive - I Get Lip Gloss (Ella Eh Eh)

This is my mix, I Get Lip Gloss (Ella Eh Eh). And yes the title is very creative lol. Anyway, I posted an earlier version of it on MySpace before... but this is the final version. The tracks are as follows:

Lip Gloss (GotdioN Remix) Vs. Lip Gloss (Kid Fresh & Haterboy ReFix) - Lil' Mama
I Get Money (Estaw Gets Cash Fix) - 50 Cent
Umbrella (Vandalism Remix) Vs. Something About You (Linus Loves Remix Radio Edit) - Rihanna & Jamelia
Umbrella (KAWATA Remix) - Rihanna Feat. Jay-Z


Please leave comments and tell me how you like it :)
Thanks a lot! Enjoy.


Robert said...

Love it :-)

Anonymous said... ppl still say that? LOL
Anyway its a great mix and I was wondering if you could put the individual tracks in .rar or zip for download. The other links you have for some of these are dead. Thanks!