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Monday, September 17, 2007

Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol 1 - M.I.A. & Diplo

Here is Diplo and M.I.A.'s 2004 mixtape called Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol 1. It's sooo good, and if you havn't already heard it, download it for sure. I posed all the songs in a zip file, because it is a mixedtape and is best when listened as one :) Pirate away!

Galang (Diplo's Galangaton Mix)
Galang (Featuring Lil' Vicious)
Two Bit Rhythm (M.I.A.'s Mix) (LL Cool J/Cavemen)
Fire, Fire (Diplo's Fire Bam Mix)
Fire, Fire (Diplo's Mix)
One for the Head Skit (M.I.A.'s Mix) (Feat. Missy Elliott)
Amazon (Diplo's Mix)
Definition of a Roller (M.I.A.'s Mix) (Clipse)
M.I.A./Cutty Ranks
M.I.A. (Diplo's Mix)
You're Good (Diplo's Mix)
Pop (Diplo's Mix)
Sunshowers (Diplo's Mix)
Baile Funk 1
Bucky Done Gun (Diplo's Mix)
Baile Funk 2
10 Dollar (Diplo's China Girl Mix)
Baile Funk 3
Lady Killa (Diplo's Mix)
URAQT (Diplo's Mix)
Bingo (Diplo's Mix)

Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol 1 / DOWNLOAD

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abercrombeiboi82 said...

is there any way you could possibly send me the link to this or re up it? Thanks!