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Friday, July 20, 2007

Numero - L'Idéologie Des Stars

Numero is a French-Canadian electronic group introduced to my by my friend Daniel some time ago. I only recenly started listening to their album L'Idéologie Des Stars when my other friend posted Chewing Gum Fraise on his blog. However, the whole album is great and I highly recommend it :)

J'Aime La Bourgeoisie / DOWNLOAD
J'Aime La Bourgeoisie (Vive Le Rock) / DOWNLOAD
Chewing-Gum Fraise (Feat. Omnikrom) / DOWNLOAD
Chewing-Gum Fraise (Feat. Guillaume Lizotte) / DOWNLOAD

1 comment: said...

Hi dude!

just to let you know, Numéro# is French-Canadian group from Montreal... not from France :P