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Thursday, June 14, 2007

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Book Reviews

Considering we focus mostly on entertainment, we can't leave books out of our blog repertoire.
There is the occasional person who still loves to pick up a book and have a nice read, right?
and if so, that's what i'm here for! To present a few books that i've fallen in love with over the last few years...

1) The Commitment - Dan Savage

This book is sort of a memoir of Author Dan Savage's life; dealing with his love life, sexual experiences, married life with his husband and of course, his family. It also in itself, is a collection of Dan's thoughts on equality and same sex marriage. He uses humour, satire and strong emotions to explore and explain his take on the issue, as well uses situations we've all, or will experience at some point in our life. This book is written for everyone. Whether you're Gay, Straight, Lesbian, it doesn't matter. It's written for the hesitant people who aren't sure how they feel, for those who're 100% supportive and even for those completley against it.

One reviewer stated "I think America would be a better place if everyone on every side of the gay marriage debate would read this book." I'm a canadian, not an american, but i'm sure the same goes for Canadians. I'll go ahead and quote that reviewer, but throw "Canada" in there for good measure. Nonetheless, this book is absolutley fantastic, and i'm sure most of you won't be able to put it down. It's hilarious and compelling, and is one of those books that I think everyone should spend the time reading.

2) Fall On Your Knees - Ann Marie MacDonald

This is a fairly well known book, but I know many who still haven't had the pleasure of reading it. I actually read it in my Advanced English 12 class in my senior year of High School, but we were the first and only class to get our hands on it. It was a request of one of the students from a previous year that we read it, so the teacher got her hands on it.. not for long though.

It's a fairly controversial book, that deals with incest, death, prostitution and many other intense and thought-provoking subjects. It deals with a family, and a very interesting one at that, who goes through a lot of changes, some good, some.. not so much. To go any further, i'd have to spoil parts of the story, but it touches on subjects concerning the children, as well as the adults in the family. Everyone can find a character that they relate with in this novel, each character deals with SO much, it's hard not to relate with them. The book was featured on Oprah's Book Club, and is a very popular novel amongst readers. Give this one a try, I couldn't put it down myself, it's a little long, something that'll keep you occupied for a little while, but I highly suggest it though, for everyone.

Also, check out;

* Savage Love - Dan Savage (A Collection of Dan's sex advice column. You wouldn't believe some of the letters he's recieved over the years, this book is hilarious. An easy read, it's one to pick up, flip through and just read whatever catches your eye.)

and really, any other book written by Dan Savage. He's got a unique writing style, and he's hilarious, it's hard to put anything down that he's written.

Hope you enjoyed the reviews!
NOW! go and read! :P

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