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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna

Unfourtunatly for Rihanna, her new album Good Girl Gone Bad has leaked, but fortunatly for us, it's great. There isn't one song that isn't awsome. Some of my favorites are the Gwen Stefani/Fergie styled Lemmie Get That, the Timbaland produced Rehab, Sell Me Candy, Breakin' Dishes and Don't Stop The Music. Not to mention the 2 singles Umbrella and Shut Up & Drive. They're just all good.

Umbrella - Rihanna Feat. Jay-Z
Push Up on Me - Rihanna
Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna
Breakin' Dishes - Rihanna
Shut Up & Drive - Rihanna
Hate That I Love You - Rihanna Feat. Ne-Yo
Say It - Rihanna
Sell Me Candy - Rihanna
Lemme Get That - Rihanna
Rehab - Rihanna
Question Existing - Rihanna
Good Girl Gone Bad - Rihanna
Buy it when it comes out :P

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