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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"It's Disko Time."

"Watch What You Wear, In This Town..."
blog post by; johnnyy [a.k.a Andrew]

eeeeee! [squeals]
first post on "the sexy result." *releases confetti*

Introductions, maybe? *ahem* *clears throat*

Tristan Kurtz. [is currently sleeping. fun eh?]
Andrew Fraser. [is now blogging this shit up!]

We're creative little buggers. ;P
We wanted to make something that was our own, something fun.
Something that could showcase our love of music, art and everything else.
The goal; to have people read this blog and REALLY enjoy themselves.
to really just let loose, forget about whatever is on their minds.
fall victim to everything we talk, gossip, and post about. LOVE IT, EMBRACE IT. feel it. [<3]
Feel free to leave any suggestions for things you think we should talk about. things we should discuss. important things. stupid, pointless, but fun things. whatever you want. make it known. we'll do something about it. For now, that's all. BUTTTT I'll be back. and so will Tristan. with many interesting things to talk about. I'll just let it be known, you haven't seen anything yet, just you wait. ;P

P.S; here's a picture of Dangerous Muse in all their fantabulous glory. I love them. So does Tristan. They can swim in our lake... [anytimeeeeeee] ;P


Tara said...



Robbie said...

I'm so excited! Sooooo cooool.
And it's lame of my to comment on our own blog :P

Jordan said...

bloggy! don't let this one die too. also pretty