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Sunday, April 29, 2007



Released: April 8th, 2003.

by. Johnnyy
[a.k.a Andrew Fraser]

Alrighty, it's time to do a little rewindddd folks! Right on back to the good ol' 2003. I'm throwing out a "HEYYY" to Boomkat, the wonderful combo of Taryn and Kellin Manning. This brother/sister powergroup released "" back in 03' and damn is it ever ONE hot album. It's very electro-dance meets hip-hop, and the duo's vocal work is fabulous. Taryn gives us a harsh, in-your-face attitude fused with her sexy, powerful pipes. Kellin has a very similar vibe, boasting a sexy, melodic voice that blends perfectly with the lovely Ms. Manning. The lyrics are fun and insanely catchy, as much as they are complex. The album is dedicated to their father, who is no longer with us, and it is made evident throughout the album that he was a very important person in both their lives. Unfortunately, even after introducing us to the "super-wicked kinda crazy" stylings of Boomkat, fell under the radar, and the group didn't recieve the attention they deserved. I am here today, to tell YOU not to forget the sexyness that is Boomkat, and to do yourself a favor and give em' a listen if you haven't already. Just because they're not new, hot and fresh, doesn't mean the base beats and drum loops won't make you get a grip of mad silly stupid wicked kind of crazy love.

That's what i'm saying, yo.
anddd keep your eyes open for;
The Wreckoning
What U Do 2 Me
Bein' Bad
Look At All The People
Know Me

Pft, who am I kidding, any song you can find is worth listening to.
Believe me, they're a group worth checking into.

[note: this album came out 3 days after my birthday. Fun facts are super-cool, or I'm just really weird and I want everyone to know my birthday so they can send me presents and candy in the mail. Whatever works. Mmhmm.]


Robbie said...
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Pria said...

Wow, sweetheart. This is a beautiful blog, and I love it! I'll be sure to check it all the time... <3 You're amazing at writing reviews.

Ever consiered music journalism? Like.. Seriously?